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Bases: DOMWidget

Default toolbar for bqplot figures.

The default toolbar provides three buttons:

  • A Panzoom toggle button which enables panning and zooming the figure.
  • A Save button to save the figure as a png image.
  • A Reset button, which resets the figure position to its original state.

When the Panzoom button is toggled to True for the first time, a new instance of PanZoom widget is created. The created PanZoom widget uses the scales of all the marks that are on the figure at this point. When the PanZoom widget is toggled to False, the figure retrieves its previous interaction. When the Reset button is pressed, the PanZoom widget is deleted and the figure scales reset to their initial state. We are back to the case where the PanZoom widget has never been set.

If new marks are added to the figure after the panzoom button is toggled, and these use new scales, those scales will not be panned or zoomed, unless the reset button is clicked.


The figure to which the toolbar will apply.

TYPE: instance of Figure